I innovated the scriptwriting techniques for StatMuse's natural language stitching process - a unique way to record athletes reading customized lines that can be tied back to an extensive historical stats database in order to allow them to answer virtually any sports question about themselves or their teams in their own voices in addition to having basic conversations with users on audio platforms like Amazon Echo and Google Home. Through a partnership with the NFL Player's Association, I wrote scripts and helped facilitate recording sessions with dozens of players and personalities.
I facilitated a recording session with NFL rookies that demonstrated the technology to them and had them record their own voices to be added using custom scripts I specially designed to give as much coverage as possible in the limited amount of time we were given with each player.
The StatMuse portfolio evolved to include an augmented reality element that was first utilized in a project for the Pro Football Hall of Fame where we turned legendary coach and broadcaster John Madden's bronze bust into an interactive experience. For the project, I wrote scripted lines to cover his biographical and statistical data then added open-ended interview questions that allowed him to elaborate on some of the best moments of his career. For the session, I sat in the booth with Mr. Madden and asked him the questions while making sure his answers and facial position were suitable for how they'd be used in the interactive experience.
We later used the same techniques to bring Michael Strahan's bust to life, even adding a bit more personality to it for its world debut on Good Morning America's "Strahan and Sara." 
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